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Arricci handmade jewelry is an expression of my long and ever growing relationship with nature. Through the use of natural and ethically sourced stones I hope to infuse the beauty of mother earth into one of a kind handcrafted pieces of jewelry. Each earring, necklace, and ring is meant to capture the essence of oceans, canyons, and all other elements of nature with the hopes that I could bring the heart of these places into someone’s hands.

The Custom Statement & Spinner Ring collections came together through my journey in silversmithing. I sought to find a way to make an oath to oneself through the craft of ring making. I discovered the way to make that pledge was by inscribing a personalized word or phrase into a one band ring for whoever wears it to glance at throughout the day as a reminder of the vow they’d made to themself;

like a pinkie promise.

I design and create collections from my studio based in California. Each piece is hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing techniques. I use sterling silver as the base along with highlights of 14k gold fill, brass and copper metals accented with semi-precious faceted and cabbed stones.

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